Posted by: Michael Hennessy | April 3, 2009

WildFire: Bringing social media marketing to recruiters fingertips

Our WildFire Recruitment Marketing Platform continues to grow its lead in providing the most sophisticated recruitment marketing services available to recruiters. We have integrated a number of new social networking services seamlessly into WildFire, enabling recruiters to automate the process of growing their social networks and drive more traffic to their career sites. And they can seamlessly leverage WildFire right from their favorite ATS system.

From one platform, recruiters can now post their jobs to their favorite job boards, kick off a targeted email campaign, run a google Adwords campaign, utilize an optimized SEO site,  and now promote their jobs direclty on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even their current blog service such as WordPress. WildFire automatically updates their facebook or twitter status and provides a new trackable link to their job on their careersite. Recruiters can then view the WildFire real-time marketing metrics report and see exactly how ALL of their ads are performing. Below we show a couple screenshots of how a recruiter, from a single report, can see how their ads are performing on Monster, CareerBuilder, Twitter, FaceBook,WordPress and DirectEmployers. They can see, in real time, the views, apply clicks, and total applicants from each site, switch to a graphical view, and then click on the metrics tab to get Cost per view, cost per apply click and conversion rates from views to apply clicks and conversion rates from apply clicks to applicants.

This report can be easily printed off and handed to the hiring manager, providing a tremendous amount of data on how the Ads are performing, which sources are working, and which ones aren’t.

WildFire makes leveraging & tracking these new social networks  just another component of a companys overall recruitment marketing strategy. You can learn more at

WildFire Unified Recruiting Metrics



  1. Hey Mike, this looks cool! I’m trying to understand more about what you guys are doing, would love to talk to you about this at greater length.

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