Posted by: Michael Hennessy | April 10, 2009

Video on Career Portals…

My friend John Kamin forwarded me this link regarding a brief conversation regarding the effectiveness of video on career portals. On the forum, Craig endicott ends by saying  “I believe that video can be an effective part of the recruitment communications mix. “.

Putting up a static video on a career site is just the first step in how video can be leveraged in recruitment marketing. At SmashFly, we’ve introduced web commercial technology which advances this whole concept into an entirely new space…providing companies the ability to create customized flash videos for each job and having different formats to target different industries.

We are continuing to invest in this area. In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing a new partnership with a video production company, which will provide our clients a single solution for the creative side of putting together the web commercials, having a video team come on site to shoot the video, doing the post production work, and finally integrating that into our web commercial technology that can then be leveraged by recruiters right from within their ATS.  We’re really excited about this space…lots of exciting news and examples will be showing up soon.


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