Posted by: Michael Hennessy | April 11, 2009

SmashFly gets some press on leveraging new recruitment media

In the April issue of Staffing Industry Analysts, Sara Moss has written a very good article entitled Leveraging Recruitment Media: It’s not just about jost posting anymore: multimedia and optimized job ads”

I highly recommend that anyone in the recruitment marketing or talent acquisition space read this article…it’s not just relevant to staffing firms but to recruitment  marketing in general. Sara does an excellent job of defining the new recruitment media options that are available to companies and  explains why staffing firms (and recruiters) need to leverage those services for a successful recruitment marketing strategy.  You should read the article, but one of her summary paragraphs is.

“Candidates are becoming demanding consumers, and their expectations about their online experience are on the rise. In order to engage them online, recruiter advertising must be more dynamic and interesting than ever before. At the same time, job postings and ads must be more widely distributed, both to job boards and to the Web destinations where potential candidates spend their time. Job ads must be presented to a very tightly defined niche group of targeted users and personalized to the candidate.”


Job posting, once considered an administrative function, is now a skilled marketing role“.

I couldn’t agree more.

In this new world of recruitment marketing services & technology, Sara chose to highlight two companies that are on the leading edge of recruitment marketing …Spherion and SmashFly. We’re excited that the word is getting out about our WildFire platform, and Sara clearly “gets” what’s going on in this space…technology is quickly changing how companies connect with and recruit new candidates. The one correction to the article I would mention is that we’ve changed our terminology from a “Talent Marketing Platform” to a “Recruitment Marketing Platform”…which we feel better conveys what our solution provides.

I expect to see more and more companies starting to leverage these new technologies in the coming years.

You can learn more about our WildFire Recruitment Marketing Platform at the SmashFly Website.


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