Posted by: Michael Hennessy | April 24, 2009

The changing workforce

I came across this blog entry entitled The Technology generation gap at work is oh so wide , which provided some basic stats on how different generations access online content. The  story isn’t particulary interesting to be honest….yes younger people spend more time online than the boomer generation…what a surprise!

But for me, it’s just another data point in how companies need to plan their recruitment marketing strategies. If the younger generation is spending more time on facebook, or twitter or whatever blog site they have…that should increasingly be the place companies try to reach them.

When I talk to companies about the current state of recruitment marketing, there are those that “get it” and are aggressively pursuing sophisticated recruitment techniques on the latest social media sites and tapping into the new channels that have been created. They are reaping the benefits. And yet…a majority have not made the transition from the old practice of leveraging the major job boards/staffing firms for their recruitment needs. …they continue with the same practices they put in place 5 years ago, which undoubtedly will continue to produce fewer and fewer results.

Times, technology, and recruitment practices are changing. In a down market, what better time to review your existing technology solutions and vendors, and see how you might implement a next generation recruitment marketing platform to tap into these new, exciting, and cost effective recruitment marketing techniques. We think you’ll find our WildFire platform a cutting edge solution in the recruitment marketing technology space.

Learn more about our solution at .


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