Posted by: Michael Hennessy | April 30, 2009

Ben Stein’s sales influence

I came across this Ben Stein article entitled “The Sales Profession: Attention Must still be paid” , and found it interesting in the fact that I’ve never personally held a “sales” position. But the following paragraph struck home for me in my own dealings with exceptional sales people.

“In 1976, when I moved to Los Angeles, I desperately wanted a Mercedes 450 SLC, a car that was — even in used form — far more than I deserved or could afford at my entry-level, highly tenuous work as a scriptwriter. My salesman at Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills, Larry Anish, listened to my objections and simply asked, “Don’t you believe in your own future?” Of course, I bought the car.”

How perfect is that?

These types of sales techniques should not be lost on the recruitment world. At the end of the day, recruitment is about sales, and recruiters (or staffing firms) need to have the same type of messaging to convince candidates that they need this job, they deserve this job. I’m not talking about the candidate who is actively looking for a job…this is the guy who says “You had me at  paycheck”….he doesn’t need to be sold…he needs a paycheck! Is that the best fit for your position?

Most likely, the best person for the job already has a job. And it’s YOUR job to get the right sales pitch in front of him to convince him to consider another possibility. You need to find them and then pitch them. That’s were having the right technology & tools and understanding great sales techniques can help you convince this person that you have the right job at the right time for them. You need to convince them they need & deserve this job.

If your only sales tool to attract and inform candidates about job opportunities at your company is your current job descriptions…good luck! 🙂

In today’s competitive market, it’s time to start creating targeted, multi-media commercials that reach the hard to reach passive candidates and sell them on how great your company and job opportunity is.

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