Posted by: Michael Hennessy | May 3, 2009

Business week: 3 million jobs going begging

There’s an interesting cover story over at Business Week entitled “Help Wanted, Why that’s a bad sign” . The article discusses the paradox that, in one of the worst recessions we’ve seen in many years, there are still 3 million jobs left unfilled.

The gist of the story is that we are going through a structural change in our jobs…many jobs being lost in the construction, manufacturing, and finance sectors while new jobs are being created in the education, health care and government fields. The problem is that the the people who have lost their jobs lack the skills for the new jobs being created. What is making the situation worse is that even if a person finds a job they are qualified for, they often can’t move because their current mortgage is more than their house is worth keeping them stuck where they are.

According to the study, there are still 2.2% of all jobs still unfilled. For those companies looking to hire, it’s becoming increasingly frustrating in their in-ability to find the right person when so many people are out of work. For these companies, trying new recruitment marketing techniques & technologies will become increasingly important…as they fight for the few people who are both qualified for their jobs, and able to relocate to the specific job location.

The article shows that for many companies, even in times of tough recessions,  they still require the right tools, technologies and solutions to help them reach and sell potential candidates on their unique job opportunities.

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