Posted by: Michael Hennessy | October 1, 2007

We’re partnering with NuView inc!

On our partnership fronts, we have a number in the works, but tomorrow we will officially be announcing our partnership with NuView Inc at their 2007 Pinnacle User Group conference in Scottsdale Az! We’ve been working with Nuview for the last 4 months on providing a seamless experience for their current clients to take advantage of our WildFire platform, and tomorrow we will both announce and demo the product for their clients.

We’re really excited about this partnership with Nuview, who is providing a great HRIS solution to a quickly growing client base. The partnership also shows the variety of ways in which companies can integrate with us, based on client needs and preferred user experience. NuView will be leveraging the same integration experience as HRMC did, allowing clients to directly pass requisition data into our interface, where they can easily market their jobs through a variety of channels. We will soon be announcing another partnership that leveraged our complete SOAP web-service API to totally embed our job marketing services into their own application….a very powerfull and seamless expereince for their end-users.

We’ll be announcing that partnership shortly….stay tuned!


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